One of the main products of Token China Power Precision Components Inc.

Wirewound Power Resistors

Bring the broadest line of power wire-wound resistors and the most engineering experience in the industry.

Tokenchina has the industrial and utility experience in power products, to deliver proven solutions for your critical applications.

Decades of experience, we dedicated to Power Chamber, Load Banks, Braking, Starter Resistors design. These wirewound devices feature with excellent high voltage protection, safety load capability, and durability to suit your application. Draw from our extensive archive of products to provide the exact replacement wire wound resistors.

Tokenchina provides high and low resistance grounding solutions for equipment and personnel protection, dynamic braking and motor/crane control resistors for stopping and motion control, load banks for generator and battery testing, and harmonic filter resistors for electrical noise dampening.

Full line wire-wound power products meet RoHS compliant and equate IRC, Ohmite, Milwaukee, Post Glover, Vishay wirewound devices with more competitive price.

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TO-Style Resistors

Tokenchina TO-Style RMG** series are ultra precision and high power resistors encapsulated in the TO-220, TO-247 style power package.

TO-220 and TO-247 resistors are sorted in 20W, 30W, 35W, 50W and 100W. Resistance element is electrically insulated from metal heat sink mounting tab. When properly mounted Tokenchina's RMG** TO220/TO247 packaged, resistors provide up to 50/100 watts of steady state power.

RMG** series are very low inductance resistors and ideal for many industrial applications: such as power supplies, power controls and inrush/bleeder resistors. Tokenchina full line products meet RoHS compliant and extend a complete line for both military and commercial applications.

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General Purpose Resistors

Tokenchina utilizes the latest manufacturing resistor technology enabling the most cost-effective resistor designs. Tokenchina resistors come with low stand-alone temperature coefficient and resistance tolerance.

Products Include fixed linear resistor technologies include thermal cut-offs, fusible, anti-surge, precision, metal film, metal oxide, carbon film, non-inductive wirewound, cement ceramic housed, and thick film resistors.

Tokenchina full resistor lines meet RoHS compliant and extend a complete line for both military and commercial applications.

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Chip Resistors

Utilizes the latest manufacturing technology of Thin-Film and Thick-Film, Tokenchina bringing precision high voltage capabilities to the benefits of surface mount, these new surface mount resistors (SMD) have a noninductive design combined with a low voltage coefficient.

Chip products include:
Thin Film type: Chip Pulse Withstanding (PWR), Chip precision (AR), Chip Anti-Corrosive (PR).
Thick Film type: Chip precision general purpose (FCR), Ressitor chip array (RCA), chip networks (RCN).

Tokenchina full line products meet RoHS compliant.

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Current Sense Resistors

Tokenchina current sensing products serves as power withstanding, non-inductive, super low resistance for high power AC/DC detection, power supply circuit, voltage regulators, thermostats, smoke detectors, remote monitoring, battery life indicators, power tools, current regulators, battery life indicators, etc. Utilizes the latest technology enabling the most cost-effective designs in manufacturing chip current sensing (current sense), shunt current detection, low ohmic (2mΩ ~), and low TCR resistors.

Tokenchina's full line current detective products meet RoHS compliant and extend a complete line for both military and commercial applications. Please contact our sales for more information.

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High Voltage Resistors : High resistance, High frequency, Hi-Meg

Tokenchina's high voltage products can be specified for all power electronics designs, as well as a complete selection of high resistance, Hi-Meg, high-voltage, high frequency, and bulk ceramic resistors for higher average power dissipation.

Detailed specifications, both mechanical and electrical, please contact our sales representative for more information.

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High Precision Resistors

Tokenchina's development of existing resistor technology has lead to a resistor precision that offers tolerance values down to T(±0.01%) and tights temperature coefficient TCR to C10(±2 ppm/°C). These features make the precision resistor ideal for simulation equipments, medical electronics, high precision instruments, avionics and high gain feedback applications, including those in consumer appliances.

These precision resistors are available in various forming styles and provide defined interruption behaviour and different leads for different applications. Catalogue of precision series in PDF format features extensively detailed technical information for every part, including information on the mechanical and electrical specifications, download available. Design engineers around the world will have a new opportunity to select from some of our most advanced technologies, and buyers will receive those products at the highest service levels in electronics distribution.

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MELF Resistors

Tokenchina Metal Electrode Leadless Face (MELF), a leadless cylindrical component that is metallized on two ends. MELF is designed majorly as a SMD component. Though flat-chip resistor is cheaper, the performance/price ratio of MELF is better than flat-chip resistor.

Tokenchina specializes in high precision test equipment for utility and industrial applications and brings the broadest MELF products with more stability, moisture proof, low TCR, and compacted size. Token melf meets RoHS compliant, MIL-R-10509, MIL-R-55182, and other military grade.

Tokenchina offers MELF resistors in precision, carbon film, high frequency, and anti-surge type.

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Type include:
quartz resonator, discriminator, resonator, dielectric, filter, trap, saw


Type include:
fixed, smd rf, smt power, common mode