Fixed Wirewound Power Resistors

Description - Fixed Wirewound Type Wattage
power-resistor-doe.jpg DOE Series -

Oval Edge-wound High Current Power Resistor

When lower resistance with higher power capacity is required, use Token China's Edge wound Power High Current design. Built to perform in rugged environments.

Screw 550 ~ 3250W
v-power-resistor-bx.jpg BOX Series -

Grid Box Medium/High Current Power Resistor

Taking advantage of an electronic circuit topology, Token China's unique design of this grid bank resistor. Provides you with much higher wattage per bank to save you both space and cost.

v-power-resistor-st.jpg DST Series -

Starter, Round Wire High Current Power Resistor

DST power type can be specified the design for lower resistance with higher power capacity. Provide high starter power, is durable, dissipates heat well, and has a low temperature coefficient.

Screw 500~1000W
v-power-resistor-ah.jpg AH Series -

Wirewound Aluminum Housed Power Resistor

Known for providing design engineers with a high power and ultra precision resistors. Standard winding & non-inductive winding type are both available. Features high stability, strong construction.

Screw 5~250W
v-power-resistor-ahl.jpg AHL Series -

AH Extended Lead Wire Power Resistor

Provides design engineers a flexible connection in distance between devices. Supporting a wide range of applications where heat dissipation, add high power are required, easy to utilize and install.

Screw 25~150W
v-power-resistor-al.jpg AL Series -

Low Profile Aluminum Encased Power Resistor

Following market demands for components to deliver power applications in often very confined spaces, design engineers can now benefit from AL Series. Easy to utilize and install.

Screw 60~1500W
v-power-resistor-zr1.jpg ZR Series -

Oval Flat-Wirewound Power Resistor

When limited space is a consideration, choose Token China's "thin" stackable ZR resistors. Industry standard size allows for easy drop-in replacement of other brands including Milwaukee, Ohmite.

Screw 40~450W
v-power-resistor-dq1.jpg DQ Series -

Ribbon Wirewound Power Resistor

Providing design engineers a high energy dissipated lower ohmic resistor with high quality performance. Both Ribbon Wire and Ayrton Perry type non-inductive winding formats are available.

Screw 30~20000W
v-power-resistor-dr1.jpg DR Series -

Round Wire Wound Power Resistor

When higher resistance with lower power capacity is required, use Token china's DR round wire design. Provides design engineers an economical power wire-wound with high quality performance.

Screw 10~20000W
v-power-resistor-cb.jpg RNW Series -

Load Bank, Power Chamber, Braking Resistor

Token China makes your life a little simpler by standardizing all basic features, allowing for cost efficiencies and faster lead times owing to "in-stock" components.


Adjustable Wirewound Power Resistors

Description - Adjustable Wirewound Type Wattage
v-power-resistor-ss.jpg BS Series -

Grid Box High Current Adjustable Power Resistor

In heavy-duty medium/high current industrial applications, this rugged adjustable grid device provides you with much higher wattage to save you both space and cost.

v_power_rib_adjustable_resistors_dqs.jpg DQS Series -

Ribbon-Wire Adjustable Power Resistor

Ribwound DQS adjustable resistors are particularly useful where high energy is to be dissipated in the lower ohmic ranges with Low-cost and high-precision adjustment.

Screw 75~2000W
v-power-adjustable-resistor-dr1.jpg DRS Series -

Round-Wire Adjustable Power Resistor

Token China's DRS Adjustable Series set new, lower price points, and provide the ability to easily adjust applications requiring settings at different resistance values.

Screw 15~20000W
v-power-resistor-vr.jpg FVR Series -

Power Variable Resistor, Rheostats, Potentiometer

The FVR rheostats are designed and manufactured to operate smoothly and reliable over long periods of use. These economical Rheostats (Variable Resistors) come with high quality performance.

Screw 25~100W

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Assembly Mounting Methods   PDF (263KB)
Mounting methods include: No Mount, Clip Mount, Horizontal Mount, and Vertical Mount.
Mounting hardware set includes L-brackets, mica washers, centering washers, thru-bolts and fasteners.
These may be ordered as kit packs, loose, or assembled to resistors.

Wirewound Power Resistors - PDF
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