Oval Edgewound High Current Power Resistors


When lower resistance with higher power capacity is required, Use Token China's Edge-wound Power High Current design.

Oval Edgewound High Current Power Resistors - DOE Series

Designed in both Edge-wound and Round Wire patterns, these DOE resistors can handle 550 to 3250 Watts of power. Specify Token China's Edgewound design for very low resistance and high power capacity.

Built to perform in rugged environments, DOE resistors are constructed of a heavy resistance alloy mounted on ceramic insulators, solid nickel terminals, and supported by special electroless nickel-plated solid copper terminals.

These heavily plated and supports prevent oxidation at high operating temperatures and corrosion.


  • Motor Starting, Plugging, Dynamic Braking, Load Banks, Power Load Measurements
  • Automation Control Installations, Electric Distribution, Instrumentation, Power Industrial Machinery

Wattage Rating:

  • Can be found from Amperes2 * Ohms

Resistance Tolerance:

  • Nominal Tolerance K (±10%)

The power DOE resistor is lead-free and RoHS compliant. Please contact us for details with your specific needs.

Specifications & Dimensions (Unit: mm) - High Current DOE

Specifications & Dimensions (Unit: mm) - Power High Current DOE
Power Rating A (mm) B (mm) Resistance Value Range
550W 244.5 295 0R2~2R
900W 335 385.5
1200W 419 470
1500W 505 556
1800W 588 638
3250W 410 465
  • All values might be changed or modified, please consult factory for details.

Performance Characteristics - High Current DOE

Resistance tolerance JIS-C-5202 5-1 Resistance Nominal Tolerance ±10%(K)
Temperature coefficient JIS-C-5202 5-2 ±300ppm/°C max.
Power rating load JIS-C-5202 5-4 R/R ≤ ±(1%+0.1Ω)
Surface temperature up 350°C max.
Dielectric withstanding voltage JIS-C-5202 5-7
2000VDC 1 minute Between terminal and anchor stand
Free of appearance or structural irregularity
ΔR/R ≤ ±(1%+0.1Ω)
Terminal strength JIS-C-5202 6-1 500N 30 seconds Free of appearance or structural irregularity
Insulation resistance JIS-C-5202 5-6 500VDC 100MΩ min
Short-term overload JIS-C-5202 5-5
1000% rated power 5 seconds
Free of appearance or structural irregularity
ΔR/R ≤ ±(2%+0.1Ω)
Vibration JIS-C-5202 6-3
490m/s2 11ms
Free of appearance or structural irregularity Surface coating crack ΔR/R ≤ ±(2%+0.1Ω)
Remarks Resistance and resistance tolerance were tested in-house with micro resistance meter.

How to Order - High Current DOE

DOE 1500W 1R5 K F
Product Type
Rated Power
Resistance Value (Ω)
Resistance Tolerance
Lead Free

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DOE Series - Oval Edgewound High Current Power Resistors