One of the main products of Token China Power Precision Components Inc.

SMT Power Inductors

Tokenchina Surface-Mount SMT Power Inductors extend inductance range for low-profile, high-current inductors and provides efficient operation and power savings. Products Include following types: backlight, low profile, toroidal, high current power types.

Applications include: LCD driver, cellular phone, DC-to-DC conversion, notebooks, transformers, mobile devices, desktop computers, personal navigation systems, multi-media devices, computer devices, TV game, output ripple current filter, VCR camera, portable communication equipments, OA equipment, etc..

Full line power inductors meet RoHS compliant, 100% Lead (Pb)-free, and extend a complete line for both military and commercial applications.

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SMD RF Inductors / RF Coils

Tokenchina superior winding technology makes the difference of RF, Radio Frequency, inductors (RF coils) and meets most wireless and RF design engineers demand. The wirewound technology packages the stable inductance, tight tolerance at high Q factor, at high frequencies, at rated high current, and at lower DC resistance into a compact RF wirewound inductor with competitive prices.

The Wire- Wound structure consists of copper wire wound on a ceramic (alumina) core and is completely RoHS compliant and lead (Pb) free.

Wirewound RF inductor / coils features: Broad inductance range, horizontal winding structure enables tight tolerance, low DC resistance, compact SMD EIA-0402(IEC-1005), EIA-0603(IEC-1608), EIA-0805(IEC-2012), EIA-1008(IEC-2520), EIA-1206(IEC-3216) Size, etc..

Applications: RF Circuits for Wireless Devices, VCO, SAW, Bluetooth, WLAN, Power Amplifier, Antenna, Cellular Phones,DVD Player, Video Camera.

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SMD Common Mode Choke Coils

Tokenchina SMD surface mount choke, chip coils conforms RoHS compliant, 100% Lead (Pb)-free and extend a complete line for both military and commercial applications. Products include: SMD common mode choke, coils, EMI filters, RFID transponder.

Features: Small chip size and low profile, excellent noise suppression, high common mode impedance at high frequency effects excellent noise suppression performance, various common mode impedance amd can be selected depending on noise level and signal frequency, and enables higher density mounting.

Applications: Common mode noise suppression of signal lines in high speed and high density digital equipment such as PC and peripherals and telecommunication equipment, USB lines, LVDS lines, notebook, Printer, Scanner, LCD monitor, Game equipment, etc...

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Through Hole Inductors

Tokenchina through hole fixed inductors conform RoHS compliant, 100% Lead (Pb)-free. Products extend a complete coils / inductor line for both military and commercial applications. Tokenchina fixed coils include: chokes, shielded coils, toroidal coils, power coils, RFI Ferrite beads, transformers, air core coils.

Features: Open magnetic circuit construction, low cost and high reliability, high saturation for surface mounting, high current, Low DCR.

Applications: Notebook, Inkjet printer, Copying machine, Display monitor, Cellular phone, ADSL modem, Gaming machine, Color TV, Video tape recorder, Video camera, Microwave oven, Lighting and Car electronics, etc..

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Type include:
Power Wirewound, Gemeral Purpose, Power Precision, Surface Mount, Current Sense, High Voltage, Precision, MELF


Type include:
Quartz Resonator, Discriminator, Resonator, Dielectric, Filter, Trap, SAW