Description - - Filters, Resonators, Coaxial, Patch Antennas Murata(P/N) Frequency Range
Dielectric band pass filters DF Series -

Dielectric Band Pass Filters

Assembly methodology offers a wide array of designs, from 2 pole – 6 pole band-pass filters and diplexer, to advanced band stop (notch) designs and high-pass or low-pass filters.

DFC 457M~5800MHz
Dielectric Patch Antenna DA Series -

Dielectric Patch Antenna

Standardized antennas can be optimized on customer's board by using specific land pattern and grouping of external inductors and capacitors.

- 1575M~2492MHz
v-dielectric-resonator.jpg TE Series -

Dielectric Coaxial Resonators

Offers six dielectric constants to span applications from 300 MHz to 40 GHz. High Q and temperature performance superior to that obtainable from conventional L-C circuits or microstrip construction.

2G ~ 16GHz
v-dielectric-coaxial.jpg DR Series -

Dielectric Resonators

Compactness and high performance are achieved through dielectric ceramic technology and copper electrode plating technology. Compatible to Murata Dielectric DRR Series.

DRR 400M~5000MHz
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