High Current Power Resistors, Power Starter


DST Wirewound Power Starter can be specified The design for lower resistance with higher power capacity.

Known for providing design engineers with a high current power devices, Tokenchina has further expanded its power round wire product capabilities.

The DST resistors provide high starter power and is durable, dissipates heat well, has a low temperature coefficient, is high temperature-resistant that varies in direct proportion, and is suitable for application loads involving brief current surges.

The DST Wirewound units provide various mounting configurations, permitting a reliable connection which can be moved along the resistive element to obtain intermediate values.

Applications: Power Starter High Current Wirewound Resistors - DST Series

  • Motor Starting, Dynamic Braking, Load Banks, Plugging
  • Power Load Measurements, Automation Control Installations
  • Electric Distribution, Instrumentation, Power Industrial Machinery

Wattage Rating:

  • Can be found from Amperes2 * Ohms

Resistance Tolerance:

  • Nominal Tolerance K (±10%)

The power DST resistor is lead-free and RoHS compliant. Please contact us for details with your specific needs.

DST - 500W Dimensions (Unit: mm)

High Current 500W DST Power Resistors
Dimensions(mm) Resistance
A B C D E F G H I J K L Weight
500W 280 40 23 45 15 326 6 22 34 346 85 8 970/g 3.5Ω-7Ω

DST - 600W - 1000W Dimensions (Unit: mm)

High Current 600W - 1000W DST Power Resistors
Dimensions(mm) Resistance
A B C D E F G H I J K L Weight
600W 300 44 26 50 15 342 8 32 34 362 90 8 1277/g 0.5Ω-3Ω
1000W 420 48 30 56 15 470 8 32 40 490 105 9 1887/g 0.5Ω-3Ω

How to Order - Power Starter DST

DST 1000W 0R5 K G
Product type
DST type
Rated wattage
Resistance Value (Ω)
0R500.500 Ω
1R001 Ω
250R250 Ω
1K001,000 Ω
2K50 2,500 Ω
Resistance Tolerance
K ±10%
Assembly Method
CClip Mount.
GHorizontal Mount.
NNo Mount.
ZVertical Mount.

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DST Series - High Current Round-Wire Power Resistors, Starter