High Frequency Non-inductive Ceramic Voltage Resistors


Tokenchina's high frequency ceramic RY31A of high voltage series is rugged to sustain the very high peak power and current inputs generated by capacitor banks, pulse generator systems, and steady state current loads.

RY31A resistor is produced by depositing a metal oxide element on a high-grade ceramic body and coated with a lacquer, which provides electrical, mechanical and climatic protection. High Frequency RY31A Resistors features higher thermal resistance and larger electric power capacity for the compact volume.

RY31A ceramic resistor meets RoHS compliant. Detailed specifications, both mechanical and electrical, please contact our sales representative for more information.

Features voltage resistors, high frequency resistors

  • Larger electric power capacity
  • High thermal resistance
  • Metal oxide coating
  • Non-inductive


  • Circuit Breaker Testing
  • Fault Detection in Modulators
  • Measurement of Laser System Currents
  • Chopper Current Control in Electric Cars
  • EBW Testing, Current Detection in Detonation Systems
  • Three-Phase Fault Testing in Power Transmission Substations
  • SCR Current Measurements, Current Control of Automatic Welders
  • Measure Output of Automotive Alternators, EMI/Lightning Supression
  • Fault Current Detection to Determine Bearing Wear of Stem Turbine Generators

RY31A Specifications & Dimensions (Unit: mm) - High Frequency

Pulse test
Ambient Temp.(70°C
Full Power)
D max.
L max.
d max.
l max.
10 (+20°C

50 ±5(J)

3.2 -55°C
Φ 15.1 77 Φ 10.7 5±0.5
75 4
25 50 5 Φ 25.1 121 Φ17.9 10±1
70 6.5
50 50 7.5 162
75 8.7
100 50 11 Φ 35.1 202 Φ23.1 12±1
75 12.5
150 50 12.5 302 20+2
75 12.5
  • Resistance rage is 1~100Ω.
  • The resistors with the standard resistance values as showed as above. will be supplied with a shorter delivery.

How to Order - High Frequency Non-inductive RY31A

RY31A 10W 50R K
Product Type
Power Rating
Resistance Value (Ω)
Resistance Tolerance

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RY31A Ceramic Series - High Frequency Voltage Resistors