High Voltage Hi-Meg Resistance Resistors


Tokenchina Hi-Meg High Resistance Resistors are vacuum sealed in a glass envelope and designed for use in electrometer circuits where a high performance is required.

The Hi-Megs resistors achieve a high degree of accuracy and stability, and operate at this high performance level for an extended period of time. RH1 is a hermetic resistor with high resistance characteristics and suitable for ultra-high vacuum applications.

The Hi-Meg RH1 series meets RoHS compliant. Detailed specifications, both mechanical and electrical, please contact our sales representative for more information.

Features Hi-Meg High Resistance Resistors

  • Glass vacuum sealed hermetic resistors
  • Stability temperature and voltage
  • Metal glaze resistive elements
  • Calibration available


  • Mains Protection and Discharge Path Resistor
  • Surge Protection and Voltage Divider
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Current Pulse Limiters
  • Avionics

Handling and Cleaning of RH1 Resistors

  • These glass encapsulated (hermetic) resistors with high resistance value is required extraordinary cleanliness.
  • It should be handled by the leads, unless gloves are worn.
  • Fingerprints on the surface of the resistor will attract contaminants and moisture, which will cause a parallel resistance path, reducing the resistance value of the device.
  • If cleaning should become necessary, use isopropyl alcohol and lightly wipe dry with lint free tissues such as Kimwipes.

Specifications & Dimensions (Unit: mm) - Hi-Meg RH1

Picture 2: Dimensions of High Resistance Resistors (Hi-Meg resistors)
Damp Heat ΔR ≤ ± (5%R+0.1Ω)
Resistance Range 1 × 107 ~ 1 × 1012(Ω)
Resistance Tolerance (J±5%) (K±10%)
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ +125°C
Temperature Coefficient ±500PPM/°C (-55 ~ +125°C)
Working Voltage 1000V

How to Order - Hi-Meg RH1

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RH1 High Voltage Series - Hi-Meg Resistance Resistors