Description - Fixed Inductors (Through Hole Coils) DCR Inductance
EMI Line Filters TCUU Series -

EMI Line Filters

EMI Line Filtersfeatures Easily Inserted Into PCB, Small Size And Inexpensive Type. Common Mode Chokes for Effective AC line Noise Prevention.

High Current Fixed Inductors v-inductor-rb.gif TCRB Series -

High Rated Current Fixed Inductor

Radial choke coils features high rated current for high current circuits, rugged reliability and performance. Excellent as DC to DC converter boost or buck coils; also used for filtering applications.

v-inductor-rs.gif TCRS Series -

Radial Shielded Choke Inductor

Shielded coils in a radial lead version offers significant space savings, wide inductance range. Ideal for use as an inductor for high current power supplies in all types of electronic instruments.

v-power-inductor-lpvp.gif TCLP/TCVP Series -

Low DCR Surface Mounting Inductor

SMD surface mounting power coils features low DCR, high current, high saturation for applications of TV BOX, Power Supply, Output Ripple Current Filter.

v-inductor-rc.gif TCRC Series -

Low inductance Radial Choke Inductor

Radial chokes coils fills up low inductance range of TCRB Series. Open magnetic circuit construction. Low cost and high reliability.

v-inductor-fixed1.gif TCAL Series -

Axial Lead Choke Inductor

TCAL Series: Fixed coils (Axial Lead Type) provides TCAL0204, TCAL0307, TCAL0410, and TCAL0510 different size. Inductance standards and decades provide highly accurate and digitally variable standard values of inductance for calibration, design, and applications.

v-power-inductor-gt.gif TC19 Series -

Through Hole Gap Toroidal Inductor

TC19 Series: The toroidal coils includes a toroidal metal coil with a core having ferromagnetic strips with micro gap toroid technology for DVD or VCD applications.

0.093Ω 19.5μH
v-power-inductor-da.gif TCDA Series -

Large Current Power Inductor

TCDA Series: High current power coils features low DCR, diagonal through hole, low profile, high frequency (up to 1MHz). Applications for notebook computer, DC/DC converter or VRM, etc.

v-power-inductor-tht.gif TC1213 Series -

Large Current, Low DCR Inductor

THT TC1213/1213A/1213B Series: Power coils features high Current, low DCR. Applications for Mother Board, notebook, PC peripherals.

0.0015Ω 0.68μH
v-power-inductor-pc.gif TCPC Series -

High Rated Current Choke Coils

TCPC Series: Power chokes coils with molded construction offers high ratio of performance/price at a low cost. Applications: Switching Regulators, Power Amplifiers, Power Suppliers, Typewriter, Car Electronics.

v-inductor-filters-fb.gif TCFB Series -

Ferrite Beads Filter Coils

TCFB Series: Ferrite beads for RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) suppression and to make small inductors with low cost and high reliability. Applications for VGA card, EGA card, Mother board, and TV game.

v-inductor-filters-wb.gif TCWB Series -

Filter Choke Coils, Wide Band Inductor

TCWB Series: Wide band chokes Filters has excellent EMI suppression capability at wide frequency ranges with differential and common mode configuration with high impedance.

v-inductor-bt.gif TCB7T Series -

Common Mode Inductor Choke Coils

TCB7T Series: Common mode choke coils with high-speed differential mode signal transmissions. Tokenchina provides outstanding filtering performance without distorting the signal. Applications: Double Balance Mixers, Broad-Band Transformers, and Impedance Transformers.

v-power-inductor-tk.gif TCTK Series -

Vertical Mounted Toroidal Inductor

TCTK Series: Toroidal coils with vertical base mounted toroids provide greater mechanical stability and easy PCB installation. Applications: Copying Machine, Display Monitor, ADSL Modem, Gaming Machine, Color TV, Video Camera, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Laundry Machine, Microwave Oven and Car Electronics.

v-transformers-er.gif TCER Series -

Mini-Transformer Automatically Seals

TCER Series: Transformers can be custom made according to the specifications from our customers with high-quality and low price for multi-output DC-DC converter transformers of low-output power supplies - Inverter transformers of EL drivers.

v-power-inductor-tc.gif TCTC Series -

Iron Cores, Low EMI, Toroidal Inductor

TCTC Series: Toroidal Coils features low loss powdered iron cores in low EMI and designed for general purpose. Applications: Switching Power Supplies, Hash filters, Output Chokes, EMI/RFI Filtering.

v-inductor-ac.gif TCAC Series -

Air Core Coils

TCAC Series is unaffected by the current it carries. This contrasts with the situation with coils using ferromagnetic cores whose inductance tends to reach a peak at moderate field strengths before dropping towards zero as saturation approaches.

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Fixed Inductors (Through Hole Coils)