Zero Ohm Resistor, Jumper Wire


Tokenchina Zero Ohm Resistor offers superior high current performance over conventional thick-film zero-ohm jumper solutions, offering lower resistance values with better thermal conductivity.

Tokenchina's jumper Wire with the open air design provides a far cooler operation by allowing more air flow under the resistive element to keep excess heat from being transmitted to the PC board.

The series is lead-free and RoHS compliant. Please contact our sales for more information.

zero,ohm,jumper wire


  • Welded cap and construction for ZO Series
  • Suited for automatic machine insertion
  • Packing: Tape & Reeled or Bulk


  • Jumper wires or crossovers
  • Circuit tuning by changing point connections
  • New point connections

Dimension (Unit: mm) - Zero Ohm Resistor ZO

Type Rating Dimension (mm)
L Max. D Max. H ± 3 d+0.02-0.04
ZO - 1/8 0.125W 4.2 2.0 28 0.5
ZO- 1/4 0.25W 6.8 2.5 28 0.5

Dimension (Unit: mm) - Jumper Wire JW

Type L±1 d+0.02 -0.04 H P
ZW-A 61.5 0.5 3 - 10 5 - 30
ZW-B 61.5 0.6 3 - 10 5 - 30

Electrical Performance - ZO, JW

Requirements Characteristics
Maximum Resistance 0.05Ω
Lead Material tin-plead copper
Body Material Electrical grade, high performance molding compound
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Atomspheric-500V RMS, Reduced-325V RMS
Insulation Flammability Resistor Insulation is self extinguishing within 10
seconds after externally applied flame is removed.
Current Rating 25 AMPS at 25°C, dreading to 0 AMPS at 150°C

How to Order - Zero Ohm Resistor ZO, Jumper Wire JW

ZO-1/4 0.25W TB/P
Product Type
Rated Power

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ZO, JW Series - Zero Ohm Resistor, Jumper Wire