Ceramic AM Filters

LT Miniature

Ceramic LT Miniature AM Filter is one of the most recommendable intermediate type, having such distinctive filtering features as high selectivity, high stability and adjustment-free operation.

Additionally its easy matching with IC helps create an easy circuit design such as applications in Electric synthesized tuners, HiFi audio systems, AM stereo demodulations, One-chip non-adjustment IC's, and even smaller, thinner set structure to cope with these diversifying for AM receiver.

Features with center frequency between 450 and 470 kHz, standard tolerance ±2kHz, and synthesizers for the types of center frequencies 450, 459 and 468 kHz. Standard tolerance is ±1 kHz.

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Dimensions (Unit: mm) - LT Miniature

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Technical Characteristics - Miniature LT

450 kHz ~ 470 kHz - Ceramic LT Miniature Filter ( Murata PFB Series Compatible )

3dB Band Width
Selectivity ±9kHz off
Insertion Loss
LT 455JR 5.5±1.5 ≥17 ≤6 2 elements
  • Center Frequency (fo) is available in a range of 450 ~ 470kHz.
    The nominal frequency tolerance is ± 2kHz.

Characteristics - Miniature LT

Recommended IFT (7mm Square)

Item 7×7mm 5×5mm
Winding Specification

Form bottom
①~② ②~③ ④~⑥ ①~② ②~③ ④~⑥
85T 67T 23T 84T 98T 33T
unloaded Qu 90 65
Tuning Capacity 180PF 180PF

How to Order - LT Miniature

LT 455JR P
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LT Miniature Series - Ceramic AM Filters