Search-Stop Signal Detection Ceramic Filters


Ceramic LZU 450 kHz search-stop signal detection filters are specifically filter designed for signal detection circuitry used in applications such as that found in the search-stop functions of electronically tuned radios. Center frequency is also available in LTZ filter series a range of 450 kHz ~ 470 kHz.

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Dimensions (Unit: mm) - LZU

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Technical Characteristics - LZU

450 kHz - LZU Search-stop Signal Detection ( Murata BFU Filters Compatible )

Part Number Resonant Frequency
Resonant Resistance
(Ω) (max)
Band Width(fa-fr)
LZU450C 450±1.0 20 14±2 IF
signal detection
LZU450C4N 450±0.8 30 9±2
LZU450K3 450±1.0 30 27.5±4.5

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LZU Series - Search-Stop Signal Detection Ceramic Filters