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LTZCeramic Filters for AM - LTZ

LTZ Filter is designed to address the needs of standard AM filtering requirements and are recommended for use in low cost products where economically, efficient designs are critical.

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Dimensions (Unit: mm) - LTZ Filter

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Technical Characteristics - LTZ Filters

450 kHz ~ 470 kHz - Ceramic LTZ AM Filters (Murata SFZ Series Compatible)

Part Number Center Frequency
(fo) (kHz)
3dB Band Width
±9kHz off (dB) min
Insertion Loss
LTZ455HL 455.5±2.0 4.0±1 23 7 2 elements direct
coupling type
LTZ455JL 456.0±2.0 5.5±1 18 7
  • Center Frequency (fo) is available in a range of 450 ~ 470kHz.
    The nominal frequency tolerance is ± 2kHz.

Recommended IFT (7mm Square)

Item LTZ455HL/JL
Winding Specification

Form bottom
①~② ②~③ ④~⑥
68T 84T 14T
unloaded Qu 90
Tuning Capacity 108PF

Test Circuit LTZ Filter

Characteristics LTZ Filter

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LTZ Series - AM Ceramic Filters